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I am honored to serve as the President of this Local. I am working hard to keep the pledge I made to each of you last August. The road thus far has not been an easy one. I have met some challenges but I have worked though them with the help of my E board and Coordinators whom have kept me focused. I thank you for your passion and commitment to this Local. The job of a unionist is endless as President. I have spent countless hours carrying out the business of Local 3148. I spend most of my day meeting with management, sending and replying to e-mails, writing and filling grievances, fighting unfair labor practices and addressing the plethora of varying issues of members. The tasks I have laid out to you canít all be accomplished in 8 hours, so a big portion of my personal time away from the institution are spent dealing with union issues.

I made a commitment back in August to make a change, and I can proudly tell you today we have made some changes as a E board. We are open and more informative than in years past. For the first time this local has its own website full of great information, including a question and answer section. Please stop by and leave a few questions. The Union presently has four coordinator positions with three out of the four up in running. We are presently looking for a Woman Coordinator. We are conducting monthly meetings and we have held our first shop steward(s) training. April 14, 2009, starts the first of our lunch and learns put together by our Benefits Coordinator. While we have made some great steps we have a ways to go, but I am confident in our ability to reach our goals.

As I think about the direction this union is moving in, it makes me proud. This E board is committed to the members of this local. The fight is not about us, itís about you the member. I ask that you stand with us and fight with us. The true strength of union lies in the hands of it members.

                                                                Tyrone, Covington



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